+65 Years of Experience

Taybah Cheese Factory

Taybah Food Industry and Trade Limited Company started in 2014, in Turkey, to put all its long-years know-how in the field of cheese production at the service of its consumers. Taybah offers a wide variety of dairy products, adapted to all the desires and all the needs of the family.
milk and cheese factory
Senior farmer
Taybah cubes of white cheese
Produced with Passion
Inspiring Working Mentality
Our main and permeant goal is integrating the hand skills and savours of our senior ancestors and grandpas with the cutting-edge equipment and production lines to deliver authentic and highly nutritional products to our sincere consumers with passion.
Our business is about nourishing people and helping them take care of their health by offering them healthy dairy products.
Assured Products Quality

International Standards Conformity

Since its start, Taybah Factory adopted a policy of permanent innovation developed by a dedicated team. Our specialists and team members worked hard to associate all manufacturing process to quality products conforming to ISO and OHSAS international standards. Also, we’ve been faithful to our original purpose, producing healthy, delicious dairy products tailored to the nutritional needs and eating habits of our Turkish and Middle East consumers.
Tasteful & Natural

Our Mission

Delivering tasteful products with a natural origin and high nutritional value that satisfy consumers' tastes and meet their needs.
Unique & Genuine

Our Vision

Uniqueness in manufacturing cheese and dairy products by genuine methods, and ease of delivery to the end consumers all around the world.
Strategy of Expansion

International Dairies Supplier

Taybah is pursuing a strategy of international expansion through exporting in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa or providing private label upon orders to the rest of the world.